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About Us. 

Even though we are a small mom and pop company, we have roots in this industry far and wide with projects that we've had involvement in that have reached all corners of North America. From hauling specialized freight to the Smithsonian Institution for their National Museum of African American History, to the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center launch pad in Huntsville, Alabama, hauling locomotives to train exhibits nationwide and military equipment from coast to coast. We've been involved in many hurricane relief operations nationwide throughout the years, forest fires throughout California, Oregon and Washington. Covid relief projects from the deboarding of the Princess Cruise lines in Northern California to the Eastern coast and assisting many Indian reservations including Shiprock, NM.  We've hauled equipment for a new micro brewery. One of the cockpits for the Virgin Galactic Space Ship was hauled on our hot shot from Mojave, CA. We enjoy taking on new challenges and opportunities to add to our portfolio of exciting endeavors to make our mark on the landscape of our nation.

Our Vision.


To maintain a small group of long term customers that we know on a first name basis, this ensures we are able to deliver first rate service for all of your transporting needs. By keeping a smaller group of customers we are able to better service your company's individual needs. Our goal is to be an extension of your company and your first and only call, because with us you know the job will be done right the first time with our more than 30 years of hands on experience. Our company can be trusted with your products with our 100% safety rating for multiple years in a row.

Steam engine completed in Corbin, KY_edited.jpg
Hot Shot with car wash.HEIC
Company Profile.


We are a small company with a big heart and enormous capability. We enjoy the unusual projects as well as your everyday hauls. Through all of that we've never had an at fault claim for our own trucking company in the more than a decade of hauling. The 3PL we partner with has very stringent guidelines that verify the accuracy and track record of the carriers we can utilize. We are able to monitor the carrier via GPS navigation to ensure the safety of your freight. We encourage all of our 3PL customers to stick with a single transportation specialist to avoid increasing your own rates from a bidding war going on between the multiple companies. We would love the opportunity to be able to show you why we believe we are the best in the business at what we do. We will work for you! We will ensure the freight is safe, secure, properly insured and arrives on time while within your budget. We can accommodate everything from LTL shipments to specialized oversize and project management.

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